A Guide to Natural Health Supplements

Varitonil: Last Longer in Bed

Have you ever encounter problems involving your sexual health? Tired of the same problems occurring before, during and after having a good time with your partner? Well, Varitonil might help you to address your problems.

Varitonil enhance your body’s capacity to biologically add to your length, it boosts your testosterone level and gives you the benefit of stamina, speedy recovery time to 1 minute, increase girth by 84%, and increases firmness by 4x.

It also helps the body produce pheromones that are proven to attract women. Pheromone is a chemical substance that manufactured and produced by the body to alter the behavior of others.

How much does Varitonil cost?

Varitonil helps me to overcome my sexual health concerns. I bought it at $44.95 plus the shipping fee; the capsules were only good for a month because I wanted to test if it really works. I carefully read the instruction and started taking the supplement.

I am happily married to my wife for almost 6 years and we have one daughter, during our happy moment I noticed that my stamina improved after taking Varitonil for 2 weeks. My wife was really surprised because I was never that vigorous.

I have been taking Varitonil for almost a month and I did not notice any side effects yet, I am recommending this to my fellow men who suffer from similar sexual health issues.


Maximize your physical potential with Headlock Muscle Growth

Many athletes reach points of plateau where progress seems to have stopped. When this happens, people reach out for supplements to help them break through this and Headlock Muscle Growth is one of the best products out there. Recreational fitness enthusiasts can also benefit from this product.

It will give you an extra kick by stimulating your body in multiple ways, thanks to the combination of potent and effective natural ingredients. One of the main components of the Headlock Muscle Formula is L-Arginine HCL, an amino acid which promotes blood flow and carries more oxygen to the veins resulting in more energy and increased work capacity.

One other important ingredient is the Tribulus, Terrestris extract, an all-natural component which comes from the plant of the same name. It helps to boost testosterone which is crucial in building muscle and burning fat. More additional information on Headlock Muscle Growth visit http://headlockmuscle.net


The Best Natural Supplements For Erectile Dysfunction


Improving overall health is one of the most overlooked factors for ensuring quality of life.  Few think long term about the importance overall health has on a person’s ability to travel, to experience new places, to work, to have relationships and a healthy social life, and moods.  A balanced diet for both the busy and the chronically free is difficult.  The perfect balanced diet is not something that can be isolated into a pyramid of foods. The body demands of each person is just that, personalized.  For those that take the time to find out what their body needs, the benefits are abundant.  For those that do not take the time to attempt to remain healthy in favor of waiting until that rainy day comes, the results are detrimental and can be frustrating and depressive.  The essential list of vitamins and nutrients the body requires are numerous but there a main few that can have the most impact without requiring careful dieting and monitoring of every aspect of what is eaten and drank.  For those with and without a lot of time, supplements can be a perfect solution. As simple as taking a pill with a meal, the benefits can be immediately experienced without needing heavy regulation and attention.  A few hours of initial research goes a long way, and as with anything, testing to find what you need as well as getting a blood test can keep a person well informed.

When it comes to erectile health and potential dysfunction, the situation is no different. Using a well chosen regiment of supplements can have an impact far greater, far more potent, and far longer lasting than other comparable options.  The results can be observed within days or even hours of starting a supplement regiment, and aside from cycling, requires very small amounts of discipline.  The benefits of using a supplement regimen over hormone replacement therapy or erection pills is straightforward. It is substantially cheaper to use supplements than erection pills. The cost on health and finances is much lower as the natural ingredients used in supplements have been used for much longer than the chemical cocktails often used in erection pills with little testing.  The use of supplements often handles the problem itself opposed to the effects of testosterone deficiency or erectile dysfunction, making them more natural solutions that don’t have nearly as many adverse reactions compared to injections or erection pills.

L-Arginine is one of the most essential parts of testosterone production. It is one of two amino acids that are Arginine, and the the main one that plays a large part in testosterone production.  Testosterone production is a delicate process.  L-arginine’s job is largely responsible for preventing testosterone from converting into another hormone known as estrogen. Testosterone to estrogen ratio in the male body is what keeps fat distribution low while keeping muscle production high.  In research studies, consuming L-Arginine in small doses such as one to two grams on a daily basis has had success increasing the frequency and strength of erections and the overall muscle development within the body.  It’s side effects when used in high doses is mitigated, meaning that overdosing on quantity is low and the damage would be non-existent to minimal.  However, taken in too high doses overtime can lead to its effects not being as potent as when it was initially used.


Zinc is well known as an energy and mood booster.  It’s an inexpensive solution for increasing testosterone and thus overall sexual drive. When coupled with its energy and sensitivity increasing properties, its potent as a sexual health supplement.  Though, Zinc is best to be taken with food, as one of its few minimal side effects is that it can cause nausea on empty stomach.

Yohimbine is created from a particular african tree bark.  The advantage of using it compared to other options is because of its muscle relaxant effects on the body. This leads to a much more natural and frequent erection amount.  It has been criticized due to its strong list of side effects that include nausea and vomiting if taken in high amounts.  Though it is a very positive supplement, it should be used in low amounts to balance its effects with its side effects.  When used with L-Arginine, its potential has been shown to be significantly increased. Roughly three fourths of men that used yohimbine with l-arginine experienced increases in erectile function and sex drive while increasing in positive muscular composition.  On its own, Yohimbine can be a double edged sword. When used in conjunction with other supplements to enhance testosterone, it can be potent with minimal side effects.

Developed by Androgenyx, Edge HPX is a supplement that encompasses many of the aforementioned supplements capabilities pre measured for maximum benefit with minimal side effects. Androgenyx’s proprietary chemical blend makes them useful for quick implementation for consistent results and higher testosterone production whilst still increasing secondary muscular function and circulation.  When using Edge HPX, blood flow is increased without increasing stress on the heart by improving vascularity due to its oxidation effect.  There are higher amounts of oxygen delivered to the penis, making erections more frequent naturally.  Edge HPX is cheap without suffering in quality. Edge HPX can be taken for thirty days on with only a small cycling off period meaning the benefits are long lasting and the body won’t adapt negatively to make Edge HPX less effective.  As far as supplements go, Edge HPX makes the case that just because a supplement schedule is easier than balancing a diet naturally, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be even easier and even more cost and time effective.  When used in conjunction with other Androgenyx products, the effects are compounded.  Other Androgenyx products increase testosterone whilst mitigating estrogen production, leading to a more defined muscle mass and improved overall mood whilst facilitating better rest and muscle repair. Together, Edge HPX and other supplements work to fully improve health and specifically sexual health  in terms of genital function with minimal cost.