What are the best testosterone pills on the market?

Most men past the age of 50 experience erectile dysfunction. This is due to physical limitations the man has put himself through. By living an unhealthy lifestyle, men are at risk to experiencing erectile dysfunction later in life. Unhealthy covers bad diet choices, lack of exercise, and too much consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Over a long period of time, erectile dysfunction can be cured by changing lifestyle. Supplements can help by directly targeting the testosterone levels in the body. Erectile dysfunction is directly correlated to the lowered testosterone levels in the body.


There should be no embarrassment felt by men experiencing erectile dysfunction. About 70 percent of men past the age of 50 experience erectile dysfunction, so the majority of men do undergo this stressful diagnosis. The goal is to improve one’s daily routine


How can Testosterone be lowered?


Committing to habits that lower testosterone levels increases a man’s chance of erectile dysfunction. Irregular sleeping patterns are a major cause for hormonal deficiencies. When the body’s sleeping, there is hormonal growth occurring. Not having a regular sleeping pattern will mess up the body’s natural rhythm of creating hormones.


There are indeed short term and long term cures for erectile dysfunction. Having a boost that can shorten the long term is a plus. Short term solutions involve prescribed pills and synthetic supplements that does not actually cure erectile dysfunction. The body will become dependent on the pills to the point where the pills become necessary to sexually perform.


What pills can work?


There are supplements in the market that do provide solutions that quicken the process of curing erectile dysfunction.


AndroGenyx is a manufacturer that has made the impossible possible. Going to a doctor is not necessary to acquire the merchandise. AndroGenyx is not advertised as much because the manufacturer values the privacy of its consumers. Each person who buys this pill prefers secrecy of the condition rather than publicity.


When the shipment is sent out the the customer, the package is carefully boxed so no one has any idea what the pills are used for.


The pill has been named Alpha T-surge, promising a surge of testosterone to the body. The pill removes the condition of erectile dysfunction. Out of all the supplements for testosterone out there, Alpha T-surge is the best reviewed and most promising. The way to effectively use Alpha tsurge is to incorporate it into one’s daily life.


Why is Alpha t surge effective?

The effectiveness of a pill depends on its ingredients. The pills are made with natural ingredients that allows the body to absorb it in a faster pace. There are no synthetic materials or additives used when making Alpha t surge, so your body will gladly accept it. The lack of chemicals is a plus because no other aspect of the body can be harmed while consuming Alpha tsurge. The ingredients used are Agmatine, Epimedium, and Arginine Hydrochloride which are all necessary to boost testosterone levels. There is a ingredient only available to this manufacturer that is key for its success. The ingredient has been patented under the name Testosurge. There is fenugreek in the supplements that works organically with the body’s testosterone to increase its levels.



The formula utilized is extremely safe, which is what any male with erectile dysfunction needs. Not only raising testosterone levels, Alpha t surge enhances sex drive. The mission of the pill is to increase erection size and sex drive. The natural ingredients should not have any adverse effects since it is working naturally with the compounds already found in the male body.

After consuming these pills, the penis will feel rejuvenated.


What makes Alpha tsurge unique is the way it works in the body. The pill first increases sex drive naturally so an erection can occur naturally as well.


Other than increasing sex drive and erection size, the male body will experience a natural revitalization as a side effect. Hormone therapy will not have the positive instant effects Alpha t surge can provide. The supplement will improve muscles and physique. Most men have been able to lift heavier weights at the gym after incorporating the supplement in their daily life. Having a stronger and larger physique is desired by many women, so this supplement will provide the results many men desire.


The supplement is extremely easy to consume. Dissimilar to hormonal therapy techniques, the supplement does not require injections. All one has to do is take a capsule of the supplement and they are good to go. It is recommended to purchase the supplements online through AndroGenyx’s website. There are professionals online that men can contact with any questions on the brand’s website. Professionals can go in depth about ingredients and if there are any side effects to worry about.

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